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logoKubesimplify Ambassadors

Kubesimplify Ambassador Program is one of the many initiatives of Kubesimplify community that aims to form a fraternity of individuals who wants to support us in our mission of providing cloud native education to everyone.




Strong will power to learn cloud native and new things


Support & be active in the community, discord, twitter

content creation

Produce content for Kubesimplify like videos, blogs, livestreams


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You'll get amazing swags and goodies

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Get visibility in the community whenever you contribute

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Private Discord

Get access to private discord channel with other team members

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Monthly coaching/mentorship session with Saiyam Pathak

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Get notified if there are any internships or job opportunities

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Lots of mini projects & workshops to get you the real experience


Apply for the Kubesimplify Ambassador Program now if you want to be a part of the mission!


Current Ambassadors

Aayush Sharma

Avinesh Tripathi

Vaidansh Bhardwaj

Aditya Tripathi

Lavakush Biyani

Pawan Gudiwala

Kunal Verma

Dipankar Das

Bhavya Sachdeva

Anurag Kumar

Barkatul Mujauddin

Rishit Dagli

Mayank Gupta

Arnav Barman

Shivay Lamba

Sanyam Jain

Srinivas karnati

Steve Wade

Atharva Shinde

Bishal Dojo

Parul Sahoo

Tania Duggal


Q. How do I define being a Kubesimplify Ambassador?

You being a Kubesimplify Ambassador should be referred to as “Volunteer Experience” and not as “Employment” or “Work Experience”.

Q. Can I be removed as a Kubesimplify Ambassador?

Kubesimplify will provide you with the support and other perks but if you are not active in the community or do not participate regularly, you will be removed as an Ambassador.

Q. Can I use the logo of Kubesimplify to represent myself as an Ambassador?

You cannot use the logo as your profile picture but you can use it if you are mentioning yourself as a Kubesimplify Ambassador.